Alina's Choice - Contemporary Arrangement

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Local date is Sat 29th Jan 2022, 00:35

Local date is Sat 29th Jan 2022, 00:35

Alina's Choice - Contemporary Arrangement

A contemporary arrangement of flowers and foliage. By selecting a combination of traditional and more exotic flowers Alina will create something to really make a statement.

Modern and vibrant, this arrangement is made in Floral Foam placed within a modern ceramic pot .  The image shown is an example of a standard £40 arrangement using the Vibrant colour palette.

The arrangement is extremely easy to care for, just by ensuring the floral foam is kept moist will extend the enjoyment and life of the flowers.

The arrangement pictured is our 'Deluxe' size. These pictures are a guide rather than an exact representation, changes are sometimes made according to seasonality and availability.
  • If you are sending this as a gift and you would like us to send you a picture of the arrangement as it is being delivered, please just select the "Send Photo To Buyer" option to see exactly what you have paid for and what is being delivered. We believe that this service is unique and a vast improvement on the service offered by our competitors. Buy with confidence at Alina Florist, Thirsk, North Yorkshire.

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