Cycas Palm Revoluta 45cm Plant P13

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Cycas Palm Revoluta 45cm Plant

These plants are hardy and ideal for most environments
  • 13 cm Pot
  • Approx 45cm Tall

Although commonly known as the Sago Palm, Cycas revoluta is not a palm at all despite appearances. It is actually a Cycad and dates back to pre-historic time. However, just like a palm it is known for its attractive feathery fronds.
The trunk of the Cycas is known as a caudex. Stiff, shiny fronds grow in a rosette from the trunk, initially in an upright manner before arching gracefully as they age. New leaves emerge all at once rather than developing continuously. This periodic flush of new growth is known as a 'break'. New leaves are fragile, so avoid disturbing the plant at this time. However, if the leaves start to lean towards a source of light, turn the plant slightly each day until they harden.
Cycas revoluta is a majestic option for a house or office plant and will provide an ancient and exotic focal point.

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Please note that the plant is supplied in plastic growing pot. Any images shown with decorative pot are for illustration purpose only. Please see our display pot selection

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