Monstera monkey in white pot Tall P12

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 Monstera cheese Plant ( monkey) 

These plants are hardy and ideal for most environments
  • 12cm Pot
  • Approx 27cm  Tall
  • Comes with built in air filtering qualities 
Light: Moderate light requirements, anywhere from bright, indirect sunlight to light shade.
Water: Keep the soil moist at all times. Water when the surface becomes slightly dry. Do not overwater and use lukewarm, soft water where possible.
Temperature: Average household temperatures 16-24°C, but no lower than 12°C. Avoid cold draughts.
Humidity: These ferns prefer higher humidity levels and don't do well in dry air conditions. Do not place near radiators etc.

Air Purifying: A top houseplant for purifying and filtering the air.

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Please note that the plant is supplied in plastic growing pot. Any images shown with decorative pot are for illustration purpose only. Please see our display pot selection

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